Spring Break 2019 camps ages 2.5 – 12:

Ages Dates Time Theme
2.5 – 5 April 15, 16, 17, 18 9 – 10:30 am Famous Places
4 – 12 April 15, 16, 17, 18 1 – 5 pm Brick City Engineers
2.5 – 5 April 23, 24, 25, 26 9 – 10:30 am It’s a Wild Life
4 – 12 April 23, 24, 25, 26 1 – 5 pm Brick Critters



Ages Cost
2.5 – 5
  • Come 1 day $250
  • Come 2 or 3 days $220 per day
  • Come 4 or more days $200 per day & get a B4K T-shirt
4 – 12
  • Come 1 day $700 per day
  • Come 2 or 3 days $600 per day
  • Come 4 days or more $500 per day & get a B4K T-shirt


Discounts of up to 20% off available now – get in early!

  • Any discounts may be combined for up to a maximum of 20% off.
  • Enroll before April 9th to get 10% off.
  • 5% off for each child enrolling with a friend or sibling.
  • 10% off for any students who attend our regular school year after-school classes.
  • 5% off for “Like” our Facebook Page or follow us on Instagram.
  • Attend for any 4 sessions this April and receive a free Bricks 4 Kids t-shirt (style & size subject to availability)

Famous Places     Ages 2.5 – 5

LEGO sphinx model from Bricks 4 Kidz Hong Kong

DUPLO®, big LEGO Education® soft bricks & Bricks 4 Kidz model® plans are our tools! Students learn phonics, shapes, colors, counting & develop their fine-motor & gross-motor skills.  4 and 5-year-old students will also be challenged to use ‘regular’ size LEGO® bricks to make the daily model.   A new LEGO® model is built following the teacher & our specially designed instructions for each lesson. We will learn about a famous landmark every day & build a model to match it.

We will also read books, do some arts and crafts & have free play time with teachers Carley & Duncan each day.  These class will keep kids having fun & engaded in learning every day.


Building a pyramid.

Brick City Engineers     Ages 4 -12

Let’s build a city! There are many different types of engineering jobs, and building cities is one of the most fun jobs! What would a city be without the architects and engineers who come up with the ideas, plans, and building skills to make it all come together?

Campers will put their engineering and architecture skills to work as they build city themed models using LEGO® Bricks. The sky’s the limit when campers are challenged to use their own ideas and skills to build a skyscraper taller than their heads! They’ll have a blast using custom-built cars to move the people of the city all around town brick by brick! What an accomplishment to be able to proudly exclaim “We built this brick city!”

It’s a Wild Life     Ages 2.5 – 5

This unit is designed especially for our beginning builders, offering simple basic brick models. This theme is ideal for kindergarten and first-grade builders and includes models of animals, the human heart, lightning, and a rocket. The lessons are designed to engage children’s curiosity, expand their general knowledge about interesting topics in the world around them, and improve their fine motor skills. Come build with us as we discover the animals around us, the life-beat within us, and the energy beyond us!

Brick Critters     Ages 4 -12

Ever wonder what your pets do while you are at school? Join Max, an adorable dog and snowball the rabbit on this fun and furry adventure. In addition to imagining what pets do when left alone, build various critters, including motorized buzzing bees, fluttering butterflies and more. Then, dive to the depths of the ocean with Dory to help her search for her family. Show off your take-home handbook displaying all the brick critters you built at this exciting camp!

We will also offer special information on Hong Kong’s native animals & learn about who we share the Country parks with!


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Educational benefits of our camps include:

  • Fine-motor skills are developed as children sort & assemble small bricks, axles, gears and bushings.
  • Hands-on activities engage visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles.
  • Social-emotional skills such as patience, communication, problem-solving language skills and cooperation are used in building.
  • Working to complete a project develops goal-oriented persistence.
  • Teaches kids to think in three dimensions.
  • Creativity and improvising in free play & modifying model.
Doors open 10 minutes before camps begin.  Before that we will busy preparing for the best experience for your child, so students are not allowed into the center earlier.
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